We have established and implemented this Privacy Policy and hereby announce and declare to comply with the Privacy Policy;

1. Compliance with Applicable Laws
We comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable laws and regulations (the “Applicable Laws”) when handling personal information.

2. Acquisition and Utilization Purposes of Personal Information
We will acquire personal information in an appropriate and fair manner in compliance with the Applicable Laws, and use the collected personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the following purposes and will not use the same for any other purpose.
(i)performance of our legal services;
(ii)provision of information relating to our legal services;
(iii)communication of our courtesy announcements, invitations to seminars, newsletters and other similar notices;
(iv)responding to various inquiries;
(v)recruiting attorneys and other staffs; and
(vi)any other purposes incidental to the purposes listed above.

3. Management of Personal Information
We strive to maintain personal information accurate and updated and take necessary precautions and strictly manage to prevent leakage of, loss of, or damage to personal information.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We do not provide personal information to any third parties without the prior consent of the concerned person unless otherwise permitted under the Applicable Laws.

5. Requests for Disclosure or Amendment, etc. concerning Personal Information
With respect to personal information held by us, if the concerned person requests the disclosure or correction, etc. of such information, after first confirming that the request is from the individual to whom the information relates, we will correspond to the request in accordance with the Applicable Laws. For such requests, please contact us at

6. Changes in Privacy Policy
We will, for the purpose of undertaking the secure management of personal information in an appropriate manner, periodically review and amend this Privacy Policy. In the event of significant changes, we will provide such information through an easily understandable method such as posting it on our website.

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